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Limeroad is an Indian online marketplace, owned by A. M. Marketplaces Pvt Ltd. The company is based in Gurugram, Haryana. It is India's first women's social shopping website. It deals in clothing and accessories for women, men, and kids. The portal allows its users to create their own look on a virtual scrapbook by using its products and also allows users to earn from the scrapbook they create.

A customer under the name of ¨Khushi Verma¨ wrote a review about Limeroad on GOOGLE PLAY WEBSITE: "This is the worst app I have ever seen. I have played a cut-price game in this app and I have put lots of effort in sharing with friends and relatives but this app has given no results.. means first it shows a reduction in the price and then suddenly it increases means all the scheme which it shows are fake guys please don't download this app because it shows all fake scheme it's just wastage of time and effort... If I would have the option to give it a zero star I would have given that also 👎👎 "


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Current Employee - Category Manager says

"No enthusiasm, No opportunities to grow, work is boring, no employees satisfaction"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Worst org to work for politics at an all-time high zero structure Don't ay up their employees extremely biased"

Former Employee - Senior Graphics Designer says

"It's an extremely bad place to work, no growth, pay cuts without warning, increments never on time, delayed by at least 6 months. Infrastructure is very poor, for graphic designers very bad and obsolete laptops are provided, no appreciation for designers and creative team ever, irrespective of endless amount of work they make designers do."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Leadership has no vision.Ceo changes her mind every other day. Unstable and uncertain work environment."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1. poor management 2. no HR policies 3. No benefits 4. Low Pay 5. No personal life"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor Management No employee respect No learning, you can waste your talent by coming here Managers are not even capable of keeping track of your tasks Leaders think they are god but they know nothing. And the ones who have knowledge are never available for any discussion."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Limeroad is one of the most unorganised companies i have ever seen. The people want to work in the manner that they have been woking since day 1. Not ready to accept any change even if its for their own good. They hire good talent but then ruin them. The company has potential and talent but the old style of working is pushing the company back. With such heavy competition out there if things are not improved,the company might fall."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very bad and egoistic management Mismanaged, You will feel like hell bcz they will backstab you as soon as possible. No concern about employees. Tech team not at par with industry standard"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Great ability to waste the potential of employees (have seen so many amazing people leave because of culture issues) - High Growth focus: but extremely poor resource allocation - Poor culture: 2/3 Category Managers leave(voluntarily), half the marketing leaves, top creative brass leave all in a matter of 3 months - Projects planned for 1/2 months keep hanging for 6 months to 1 year because of poor execution - Grossly understaffed in technology; LACKS tech leadership - Analytics support is laughable (grossly understaffed) - Not a single process (except maybe logistics) is properly followed: Mid-level managers who have honed their sycophancy skills easily meander through by just passing on the blame to others. In short it is NOT a process driven organization, nor will it become in the medium term"


"Manager don't know how to handle there subordinate, pressurise for work which is easy and are done daily even if the manager is not asking to work on. Too much of politics and directly threaten about firing you in mob. So no job security now. It used to be good company but because of few bad leaders it's getting worse to work here."

Richa Verma says

"Worst site.. No Customer Support and very pathetic return service... You can't be assured for once that the item yoi are returning will reach to them.... Its been 1.5 Months I am following up with Limeroad.. dropping so many emails but I am not getting any reply from them. I would strongly recommend to not to use this app"

Jasmine Ravi says

"Worst product. Got oversized salwar. Headphone in 5 pieces. Could not return. Customer care never picks up or responds to emails. Wasted 3000"

Rano Mahal says

"Very bad experience, no complaint number ,I had ordered three items and paid through net banking but when delivery man came ,he was asked me to gave amount of the delivery. I had contacted with so many times there response is not good .don't buy from limeroad they are cheater"

Shailesh Bhurewar says

"Very bad, making money by cheating customers. Branded products shown on site n what we receive is the cheapest product. Return is quick but refund is never received. Please people do not buy anything from Limeroad u will only get fake products n no return of money. Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra are one of the best site with excellent customer support n refund policies. I have already removed LimeRoad apps from my mobile n the cyber cell too should look into the reviews n take action."

Devipriya P says

"Worst customer service. Dnt pay and order. Big cheaters, will not sent your dresses. Have been chasing for more than a month."

PRAJNA P Debnath says

"This is one of the worst online shopping platforms. I ordered a saree, but the product delivered to me was wrong and of much poor quality. I requested a return, and it was done successfully but the refund has still not been issued. They say the product has not passed quality check. Whose fault do you think it is? Never buy from this site. Worst experience ever."

Deepti Swarna says

"Limeroad is fraud site I order dress from limeroad, dress is not good I request for return but no delivery boy is come for pick the order. Limeroad is not give my amount return."

Kittu says

"Fake fraud app.. I've paid for the item but they didn't send. Zero star app."

Pooja Sharma says

"It's a froud site........there are no policy to refund a money....and I order two products it will dilivered one..... it's cheap site...I literally hate this's froud plz no one use this site...I reqst to all of u"

Archana Bakshi says

"Limeroad (LR) - have you been hit so hard that while you can manage to have an extremely proactive sales staff but zero post sales staff? I don't usually do this on LinkedIn but I have no choice but to inform the general public about the horrible experience I've had with LR. Also note that I have been a loyal LR customer for years, until now.

Refund for 4 of my returned items has been stuck for over 3 months now, but that's not the whole story.

1. I was told that one of the returned items had not passed QC. But it was only after 50+ mails was I told which specific items had not passed QC.
a. The reason for failing QC as per LR was that the wrong item was sent. The reverse logistics executive had checked all items before accepting them and had even provided a descriptive receipt, so how is this even possible?
b. Even if I accept that QC had failed, shouldn't LR return the item to me given that they would not be refunding my money for it?

2. There was no news of the other items for months despite 50+ more mails. Finally 2 weeks ago, I received a call that my refund has been initiated and will be credited within a week. Having doubts (and rightly so, as it turned out), I asked for the exact specifics of the refund in written and was duly provided the same in an email. Then a few days ago, I received a call from LR that the 3 remaining items had also not passed QC. A day later, I received yet another call informing we that the QC was still going on.
a. Have you been carrying out QC for 3 months and still haven't managed to do so?
b. How does QC fail AFTER a refund has already been initiated?

3. Your customer care numbers haven't worked in months. I receive short missed calls from LR and then an email within seconds that they couldn't reach out to me. There is no way to call you back. And if you aren't able to reach me on call, why wouldn't you just drop a sensible email with the right information instead of the generic textbook responses?

4. While your customer care numbers aren't working, I promptly receive calls from your retention team the moment I try shopping and then drop off midway. This is the trick I have been able to use to get someone from LR to call me.

5. Check out other social media channels as well, and you will find countless complaints of similar nature against LR. If you can't provide support, why are you still taking new orders? Or at least have the decency to provide disclaimers that refunds will no longer be processed or QC will take months.

This message doesn't even go into the depths of the messy calls and mail exchanges I've had with LR's staff, and how clueless they have been throughout this process, whether unknowingly or deliberately. Limeroad - I need my QC failed product back and my refunds processed quickly (Order ID 0073601352). Please intervene


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Aishvarya Vats says

"Fraudsters! Beware of this app."

Shobhit Maste says

"I am very disappointed.This is a fake site.I ordered xl and I got small.When I tried to call customer care, I had words with fake people who were asking for credit and debit card nos. to return my amount.They also used bad words while having talk.Never buy any products from this site.Moreover there is no real customer care number for this site.My money got wasted here."

Yash Roy says

"This is Very very very mtlb jitna bekaar bolo kam hai ,useless app ,kavi bhul se download mt kerna ,time khoti karega and bekar ka product n customer care ka ata n pata ,faltu ka shopping app khol liye hai ,suggestion to company plz sudhaar lo apna aise business nhi hota ,ager future me aage badhna hai n to plz costumer ko khus rakho and satisfied kijiye"

pooja bhateja says

"its a fake app....the offer (cut the price) as shown in this app also stupid fake....i got free lipstick offer then after deliver product not received.please don't waste time for download the app."

Kishor Bhoge says

"Bakvas site for shopping. Cut price is fruad offers"

Zainab Khan says

"It's very bad experience ..fake app totally unsatisfied"

nidhi waghmare says

"I did almost 13 cut...for earphones...then it goes for out of stock..and that cut gets expired...and showing same price
This is really "Fake app ""

aena banerjee says

"its a very bad app guyzz plz dont buy anythng from me you will be disappointed u can check out other sites they are far better than limeroad.I ordered a dress which was too costly but it wasnt worth the money,i thought i will return it and get my money back in my back a/c like it usually happens with other sites like myntra,amazon etc but here they are saying they wont refund my money back in my bank a/c whereas they are telling they will refund it in LR credits or i have to replace my product.It means if i dont want to buy anymore product from here i have too in a way they are forcing the customer.moreover the prices are actually double here i brought one dress from amazon which cost 713 ,i saw exactly the same dress here and the cost of it was 1470 just think how much they fake prices.worst app ever.stay alert."

Poetic Louge says

"I haven't received the product i ordered weeks ago. There is no trace of it. The last message i received was the product will reach on sep 4. Wht hpnd jst let me know."

sinchana hegde says

"its a fake app....the offer (cut the price) as shown in this app also stupid fake....i got free dress offer then after 2 months also i didnt get it" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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